Photos from a dinosaur-free Jurassic run

We recently went away for a weekend to the lovely coastal town of Sidmouth in Devon. As always, when we go away I take my running gear with me just in case I get a chance to stretch my legs.

My lovely wife is a serial napper, she loves a little sleep in the afternoon and sometimes even a big sleep, and it was whilst she napped that I took the chance to run down to the seafront and along the awesomely named Jurassic coast. I figured there’s always some kind of coastal path to run along, so I’d do just that.

I’m training towards a trail 100km in less than two months (terrifying how close it is!) and thought some time on the trails and hills would do me good. Sadly I wasn’t prepared at all for the types of hills on what turned out to be a 10mile run. 2hrs 7mins later and I was back at the hotel with aching quads. Having done a sub 1:40 half marathon, to run 3 miles less in nearly 30 mins more was a lesson I learned the hard way. The elevation profile below speaks volumes.


I’ve never exceeded 2000 feet elevation, even on 20mile+ runs. To break 3000 in 10miles was a challenge. I did as much power-walking up as I did jogging down the hills or on the flat but it was definitely a positive experience and some of the views were stunning! I’ll leave you with some selected views from the beautiful coastal trail.













  1. I live 20 minutes from Sidmouth and is our favourite placed to go on a Friday evening for a walk along the seafront, but have yet to run it, but do know how tough those hills are, so well done for giving it a go

  2. Lovely! It is one of the perks of running while traveling – that sense of discovery that comes not only in amazing views, but in the exploration of ourselves as well.

  3. Gorgeous pics. As I am training for San Francisco marathon in 2 months that elevation profile made me smile. It is worse than SF’s. Hahaha. I love the things that are seen on a new run. It is the best way IMO to see places as you simply see things you otherwise wouldn’t

  4. LOVELY, I hear you on elevation, I mainly run flat so when I interval with a location that has terrain its a few days of recovery. Adding in weight training has helped me with the hills a bit more. 🙂 Seriously inspirational views on your run.

  5. That looks like a seriously wicked run – what a stunning place! 😀 I think you must be my long lost running twin by the way; I’m also bracing myself for a 90km ultra in the Scottish mountains in two weeks time and have just run a 1:38 half marathon… I’m really looking forward to following your running adventures this summer! 😀

      1. I will gladly do so! I’m tapering right now, so the challenge ahead is often on my mind. My body is ready, and gear and nutrition have been sorted a while ago (on very long runs!). I have moments when I just hope that I’m strong enough. But, the overriding feeling is one of great excitement! =)

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