Weight for it!

It’s been a little while since I blogged about anything, and I promise my Brighton marathon report will be up soon (short version is that I got a new personal best!). Today’s post is as a result of a photo my wife took of me after she complained my shorts were ridiculous and I need to get some new clothes. I compared it with a picture I took nearly 2 years ago just before I started running and the difference speaks for itself!

My total weight loss in that time has been 30lbs (2stone 2lb) or 14kg for those metric types, and my waist has gone from a 36″ to 32″. This has almost exclusively just been from running and in the past month some major diet changes that have shaved off the last 7lb (3kg).

The goal when I started running was to get more healthy, this amount of weight loss has been a happy result! I don’t need to lose much more now, but I’m absolutely going to keep on running.