30 Days Paleo – A review

My wife and I have experimented with the Paleo diet for 30days and been surprisingly happy with it. Go read her summary!

So we did it! 30 days on the Paleo diet. For those that haven’t heard of Paleo, or the paleolithic diet, its also called the ‘caveman diet’ and basically consists of primarily eating what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. The premise being that our bodies cope better with that stuff, and our diet has changed dramatically while our genetics haven’t really. So no dairy, no grains and no processed or refined foods (especially no sugar!!), but lots of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts.  It’s relatively low carb (some people go very low carb with it, we didn’t), but should be fairly high in good fats.  Initially that was as far as we had planned, we said we’d do it for a month, mainly as a way to have a bit of a cleanse and for Matt to investigate how it helped with his running. But, (and this came as quite…

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